PowerPoint quiz and game design

Interactive PowerPoint games and eLearning


We design and build exciting games, quizzes and eLearning PowerPoints that are created with your specific audience and messaging in mind. Our in-house PowerPoint designers and copywriters work collaboratively to produce professional, adaptable and genuinely interesting story-led content that will both inform and intrigue your unique audience.

Our process: Messaging exploration, creative routes, design

We typically start off by understanding the results you wish to see from your learning content and explore the best approach to bring it to life. Our writing experts can succinctly develop out your key learnings into digestible content for your users to be assessed on, while our PowerPoint designers work on designing your gamified experience to make it visually appealing.

Built to your exact needs

Depending on your preferences, we can produce detailed formal eLearning courses using add-on software, or entertaining multiple-choice games directly into your presentation using navigational features, animation, and sound effects to create a finished product that works best for you.

Unrivalled PowerPoint knowledge

With over a decade of uniquely advanced PowerPoint design and project management expertise, we know how to create highly effective learning materials. Our copywriting team are adept at writing engaging educational content and developing creative assessment methods, so if you need to test your audience on what they’ve learnt, we’ve got you covered. The PowerPoint team also collaborate regularly with the wider Article Ten team, made up of video creators, animation experts, illustrators and more, so together, we can build a PowerPoint game or course that your audience will genuinely enjoy working their way through.



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