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We build and design engaging, user-friendly intranet sites that are tailored to your needs. Wherever your teams work and whatever the size and type of organisation; we create with your exact audiences in mind, helping them to collaborate and streamline processes. We’ll make sure all of your existing tools are worked into the final product including reporting and analytics features, and we can design for bespoke and all off-the-shelf products such as SharePoint, Cornerstone or Unily.

Our process: Discovery, design, content


We begin by listening to your needs and going through stages of user discovery to understand the business requirements. Then we look to building a mobile-first user experience and start designing the interface. Working closely alongside the design team, our content experts can write any internal communications messaging that needs to be created in your unique tone of voice.

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Bringing it all together


Our project managers, designers and engineers then work collaboratively to bring everything together, resulting in a final product that is interactive, intuitive and visually stunning. Our team can work with your internal teams to release and support after the project has finished and beyond.


One in-house team to handle all your needs

The Article Ten team is made up of talented and experienced project managers, digital specialists, designers, writers, video creators, illustrators and more; all of whom can be relied upon to produce all the elements your intranet project needs. With all of this skill in-house, we can work collaboratively to ensure your intranet, and anything else you might want created down the line, is built both efficiently and beautifully to deadline.


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