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Interactive presentations to truly enhance your content


We design and build stunning navigational presentations that break the standard linear flow, enabling users to click-through/jump around different sections at will, or navigate to external webpages with ease. This type of presentation is perfect to be saved as a PDF to conveniently send on to your audience, while remaining editable by you when required. Our dedicated PowerPoint designers build an exciting user experience for your audience, so whatever the content, you can ensure they will be involved.

Our process: Creative, UX design, build

We’ll begin by listening to your needs and learning what you would like to achieve with the interactive elements of your presentation. Then we’ll look into creative routes and test the best flow and navigational design solutions. Depending on your preferences, we can incorporate ‘app’ style features such as buttons and menus built into the PowerPoint’s overall template.

Creatively interactive, beautifully designed

As with any presentation, we can re-write and transform the content you need, making it more engaging by inserting visual elements such as illustrations, icons or photography. At every stage, we’ll ensure that all slides are in keeping with your company guidelines to result in a professionally finished product that is both creatively interactive and beautifully designed.

Outstanding design, development and copywriting ability

We’re proud to have built a team that includes the best PowerPoint designers, UX designers and copywriters who collaborate together to produce visually stunning interactive stories within the PowerPoint software. The presentations we create push the boundaries, often appearing more like apps or web pages thanks to our extensive design capabilities and insider know-how.



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